Welcome to NExT SSE

NExt SSE is a project committed to bringing capital to social ventures - organisations with a social, ethical or ecological focus and a sound business model. Investors in those ventures will in return receive increased transparency about the impact their money is making - both positive as well as negative. In this way, we hope to reconnect investors to the organisations they are funding, both parties responsible for their part of the deal: delivering impact, and chosing wisely.

At the moment, we are matching individual social ventures with social investors - while preparing an online platform that will present social ventures in search of capital to potential social investors and social investment funds. Select ventures will also be invited to present themselves to investors in the context of roundtables.

In the months to come, legal requirements for establishing a 'real' exchange are being clarified in collaboration with BaFin (the German federal financial supervisory agency). Until then, we invite you to Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden von E-Mailget in touch with us to join our community of social ventures and social investors - to jointly create a financial market for social, ethical and ecological businesses.